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Tuscan Summer Box

Available for delivery throughout mainland UK

Tuscan food has a clarity and simplicity that reflects the geography, climate and traditions of the people who live there. In the summer, this might mean cooking a bread soup with sun-ripened tomatoes and basil, picking zucchini from the garden, podding fresh borlotti, and serving a delicious dessert worthy of the meal.
The River Cafe has created the perfect summer meal from Tuscany, full of the food we imagine having there right now with family and friends under a blue sky. And when it's over, diving into the water.
Each box serves 2 and contains:
Papa al Pomodoro with Italian basil and extra virgin olive oil
Aberdeen Angus beef fillet studded with rosemary and garlic wrapped in Coppa di Parma
Fresh Borlotti beans with sage
Zucchini trifolati with mint
Potatoes ‘al forno’ with River Café garden rosemary
Walnut and amaretto cake topped with dark chocolate
Pecorino Gran Riserva with River Cafe Grissini
Papa al Pomodoro (wheat)
Fresh Borlotti beans (celery)
Walnut and amaretto cake (nuts, milk, wheat, eggs, sulphites)
Pecorino Gran Riserva (milk)
River Cafe Grissini (wheat)

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