2022 Gift Boxes have landed

2022 Gift Boxes have landed
2022 Gift Boxes have landed

Photo Matthew Donaldson

Time is flying by—and The River Cafe can’t wait another day to tell you what is in our beautiful 2022 Holiday Gift Boxes.
This year we have created a wide range of Boxes with various price points. Every Box contains a signed copy of our brand new cookbook, The River Cafe Look Book.
And if you pre-order now, we will offer you: 10% off 10 Boxes or more with code CELEBRATE10, 5% off all other Box purchases with code CELEBRATE5.
Happy landings,
Ruthie Rogers 
The River Cafe Gift Box Selection - click on the name for details.
The Ultimate Box. Our biggest, best, and brightest gift box. Krug, Brunello and more.
The Celebration Box. Everything you need to celebrate the season. 
The Italian Favourites Box. All of our favourite imported Italian delicacies in one box.
The International Box. Curated especially for deliveries outside the UK.
The Colours Box. A collection of vibrant homewares.
The Sweets Box. Italian chocolates, biscuits and candied fruits.
The Essentials Bag. November 2022 pressed extra virgin olive oil, La Molina chocolate, and The River Cafe Look Book published October 2022.
The Box is designed by Michael Nash Associates in the River Cafe’s colours - perfect for storage, long after the holidays are over.
Pre-order gift boxes here or let us help you place your order by calling 020 7386 4280. Alternatively, respond directly to this email.

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