A Chef's Season

A Chef's Season
A Chef's Season
Pete Cox  2020            Photo Matthew Donaldson
Chestnuts and walnuts
Pumpkins and squash
White truffles from Piemonte
Winter greens—cavolo nero, cicoria, cime di rapa
and, most of all, the recent arrival of just-pressed extra virgin olive oil.
Late autumn is the season chefs love most.
These are some of the dishes we are cooking.
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Mozzarella di Bufala with cime di rapa, slow-cooked tomato sauce, oregano and lemon zest
Taglierini with Piemontese White Truffle
Fresh chestnuts and Pheasant roasted in Marsala with Autumn leaves
River Cafe spinach and buffalo ricotta Ravioli with wet walnut sauce
The River Cafe Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2023
Photography by Matthew Donaldson

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