August in Tuscany

August in Tuscany
August in Tuscany

Photo Ruby Rogers

For the next two weeks, Shop the River Cafe newsletters will come from Tuscany, the region we love. 

These dishes are truly Tuscan; a summer bread soup, beefsteak Fiorentina, potatoes al forno, green beans from the garden, baked figs and cantucci biscuits with Vin Santo.  

Buon Appetito!

Chilled Bread, Tomato and Cucumber Soup
Bistecca Fiorentina
This thick cut T Bone is the classic cut of Tuscany.
Green Beans 'in Umido'
Potatoes 'al forno' 
Pannacottas with Grappa & Roasted Figs
The traditional way to end a Tuscan dinner - a plate of Cantucci with a bottle of Vin Santo.

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