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With the temperature (finally) climbing this weekend, this is the time to ‘not cook.'
You don’t need to turn on your oven or heat the grill—just open the Shop The River Cafe 'Al Fresco' Box Set.
The box delivered to your door, contains everything you might want for an easy mid-summer meal outdoors—prosciutto, mozzarella di bufala, roasted tomatoes, cannellini, caponata, salumi, polenta cake, baked apricots with vanilla.
And what would ‘al fresco’ be without a celebratory bottle of Rosé Champagne?
Well, we’ve included one for you.


River Cafe Focaccia


Prosciutto di Parma with Roman zucchini, basil and mint


Mozzarella di Bufala marinated in crème fraîche with summer herbs


Violetta Aubergine Caponata


River Cafe Grissini
Wood-roasted San Marzano tomatoes

Salame al Barolo


Fresh Cannellini Beans


Lemon, Almond and Polenta Cake


Apricots roasted in vanilla grappa


Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé


David Hockney   Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)   1972


Photography by Matthew Donaldson

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