Chef's Choices: Adrianna Palazzolo

Chef's Choices: Adrianna Palazzolo
Chef's Choices: Adrianna Palazzolo

Adrianna Palazzolo photographed by Matthew Donaldson

Adrianna Palazzolo always wanted a career in the arts—she just didn’t know it would be in the ‘culinary’ arts.

Before joining The River Cafe in 2020, she studied fine art and sculpture in Toronto, earning a masters degree from Goldsmiths University in London.

After a while, she asked herself, “What do I really want to do?”

Cook, she decided.

"I spent a lot of time researching restaurants, looking for an environment where women were championed and there was collaboration in the kitchen. I read how Ruthie and Rose started The River Cafe later in their lives, like me. And thought ‘'This is fantastic—this is where I'd like to be.’”

As a chef, Palazzolo immediately took to making pasta. It spoke to her skills as a sculptor, using her hands to shape and fill the dough.

"My favourite meal to make this time of year is casarecce with pesto. I use one of our green handled saute pans, as their wide-rim means the pesto remains beautiful and vibrant."

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Casarecce with Pesto 'alla Genovese'

De Buyer Non-Stick Pan

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