Colouring In

Colouring In
Colouring In
When we decided to create 'colouring in' placemats for children dining at The River Cafe, we went straight to our friend Nicholas Blechman. Nicholas is a New York-based art director, illustrator, designer and Creative Director of The New Yorker magazine. 
Fabriano printed the drawings for us on their special paper, to go with their unique set of colouring pencils. 
Order online or, if you're coming to the restaurant, pick up a set in store.
Fun for children of all ages—and maybe a more peaceful meal for you!
Nicholas Blechman for The River Cafe, 12 placemats for colouring in
A set of four designs; The River Cafe Oven, Pasta People, Thames Wharf, and Elements. Pack includes three copies of each drawing printed onto beautiful Italian paper by Fabriano.
Nicholas Blechman Thames Wharf 
Nicholas Blechman The River Cafe Oven
Fabriano Pencil Case
Hand-stitched in Italy, this Fabriano pencil roll is filled with 24 chunky colouring pencils. 
Agate Ratibor colouring Elements
Photography by Matthew Donaldson

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