Easter Sweets

Easter Sweets
Easter Sweets
In Italy, Easter is one of the most important holidays on the calendar. And it is always celebrated with plenty of chocolate.
This year, Shop The River Cafe has a broad selection to offer, including chocolates from Tuscan chocolatier La Molina, traditional Colomba, and freshly baked cakes and biscotti from our pastry kitchen. 
Order by 6th April in London, and nationwide by April 5th, to ensure delivery in time for Easter. 
Or, come and have dessert at The River Cafe, like Erdem and Claudia. 

Chocolate Walnut & Amaretto Cake

La Molina Gianduja Cake

River Cafe Tiramisù


This traditional dove-shaped Italian Easter Bread is made with candied peel, hazelnuts and almonds.

La Molina x The River Cafe Chocolate Truffles

Italian Sweets

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