Green Days

Green Days
Green Days

Ellsworth Kelly.      Green Curve 1993

All of a sudden, the vegetables arriving at The River Cafe are green—broad beans, peas, artichokes, asparagus. They come together in Vignole, a Roman culinary celebration of Spring. We make Vignole in the classic wayfirst gently frying the artichokes, then stirring in the small broad beans and peas, covering with hot water or a light stock. Finally, we add fresh mint and thin slivers of prosciutto. The vegetables cook together until soft, and the beans taste of the artichokes, and both taste of the peas.

Also arriving to the Shop’s menu this week are thick, green asparagus, delicious with shaved Parmigiano and Calabrian anchovy butter. And what would we do without Slow-cooked Peas?

Right now, there's no better colour. 

Italian Asparagus with Anchovy Butter 
A bunch of green asparagus to blanch at home, with Cantabrian anchovy butter to melt on top. We recommend adding shavings of Parmesan.
A Roman vegetable stew of in-season peas, artichokes and broad beans, topped with Prosciutto.
Broad Beans Sott'olio
Small, delicate broad beans, with mint and extra virgin olive oil.
Slow-cooked Peas
Freshly podded English peas, slow-cooked with sweet Tropea onions, butter and basil. 

De Buyer Non-Stick Sauté Pan
Green Fine Linen Napkins
Specially made for the River Cafe in collaboration with Designers Guild.

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