Have Fun

Have Fun
Have Fun

Photo David Loftus

A four day Bank Holiday, a time to have fun, is just days away.

Shop The River Cafe is working this week to help you, so you can be relaxed with your family and friends.  All you need to do is light the barbecue, pour yourself a spritz, cook and enjoy an outdoor lunch or dinner at home.

We will supply you with everything you need — a prime ribeye for two—or line-caught, wild sea bass fillets—potatoes al forno, roast datterini tomatoes, and our classic almond tart, with ripe, in-season Gariguette strawberries. 

We can even send you what we consider the best portable, stainless-steel grill, steak knives, glasses and more from our homewares section. 

Have a wonderful long weekend. 

Have fun!

Rib-Eye with Braised Italian Spinach and Fresh Horseradish

Sea Bass Fillet

Datterini Tomatoes

Potatoes al Forno

Strawberry and Almond Tart


Portable Grill Set
These stainless steel barbecues fold away in their own carrying cases for easy storage and transport.


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