Home for Half Term

Home for Half Term
Home for Half Term

Steve McQueen invited seventy six thousand Year 3 pupils in London to have their photograph taken for an exhibition at the Tate in 2019. These class photos were brought together into a single large-scale installation and gave an optimistic glimpse at London's future, capturing pupils in a milestone year in their development.

This week with schools in the UK closed for half term, Shop the River Cafe chefs will help with your cooking. There are new dishes - a light, vibrant artichoke pesto, pumpkin soup topped with a spoonful of mascarpone, a spatchcocked chicken to roast, and of course, a set of mixed ice creams for dessert. Place your order by midday to ensure next-day delivery to your door.  Your family will thank you..

Artichoke Pesto

Bresaola, Pecorino and Lemon
Zuppa di Zucca con Mascarpone
Spatchcocked Chicken
Caramelised Blood Oranges
Blood Oranges with their scarlet colour are the best fruit of the citrus season. We make the caramel bitter and dark and serve them on their own or with polenta cake or with Pannacotta.
River Cafe Ice Cream Box Set

Rose Uniacke Playing Cards
Word Pixie Amore Necklace

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