Host at Home

Host at Home
Host at Home

All of us at The River Café love celebrations — birthdays, anniversaries, or simply gathering people together for a great meal.

With this in mind, we have created Host at Home, a bespoke service bringing The River Café food to you. 

Below is a sample menu which can be tailored to you and your guests. Any dishes from the Shop the River Cafe are available individually.

Cocktails will arrive ready to be poured, various dishes ready to effortlessly put in the oven.

Simply reply to this email with the date, the number of people, and we’ll respond to discuss the details or 020 7386 4280.

We love celebrations. Mixed SalumiTrofie with Pesto Genovese
Beef Fillet Wrapped in Coppa
Potatoes 'al Forno' 
Roasted Yellow Peppers with Oregano
Fresh Borlotti Beans
Datterini Tomatoes
Chocolate Nemesis
Walnut and Chocolate Cantucci
Saffron Mezzalune

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