Making the Effort

Making the Effort
Making the Effort
Kadee Robbins         photo Stefan Ratibor
There are recipes that are quick to prepare - steak on the grill, a simple pasta with butter, parmesan and black pepper, and a dessert of grilled peaches.
Yet sometimes it’s the time consuming dishes you crave - like Gnocchi alla Romana, creamy Celeriac and Chestnut Soup, Florence Fennel Parmigiani, Potatoes ‘Al Forno’ with Radicchio, but don’t have the energy or motivation to prepare.
Especially if, like Kadee, lying on a sofa under a soft blanket is the alternative. 
Shop The River Cafe will do the cooking and prepping for you.
We can even provide the blanket.
Gnocchi alla Romana
Baked semolina gnocchi with butter, parmesan and sage.
Monkfish wrapped in Pancetta
Scottish monkfish, trimmed and wrapped with a rosemary branch and Tuscan pancetta.
Florence Fennel Parmigiani
Florence fennel with cream, Parmesan and Pagnotta breadcrumbs.
Potato and Radicchio al forno
Thinly sliced Roseval potatoes, wood-roasted with torn bitter radicchio.
Pomegranate & Campari Sorbet
A sweet, sour and bitter combination made from fresh pomegranate juice, sugar and Campari.
Hauser & Wirth Guston Blanket
Hauser and Wirth has created the Artist Blanket - the result of an annual collaboration between gallery artists and ROAM, a small studio based at the heart of the Scottish cashmere and fine woollens industry.
Photography by Matthew Donaldson

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