Olive Oil is here

Olive Oil is here
Olive Oil is here

Recently pressed, Estate Bottled Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the most essential ingredient in The River Cafe kitchen.

Bright green and peppery, it is best drizzled on bruschetta, poured over warm greens, added to sauces. We keep a bottle on the Pass to finish, well—everything. 

Fattoria Selvapiana is produced by the Giuntini family from the trees adjacent to their vineyard.  

It is available from Shop The River Cafe, right now.

"2022 Estate Bottled Olive Oil has arrived".

Our favourite 7 words of the year. 

Cavolo and Pine Nut Sauce with Penne
Grilled Red Chillies

Braised Cavolo Nero
Mozzarella di Bufala

Reminder: pre-order your Christmas turkey by 14th December.

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