Our terrace is open..

Our terrace is open..
Our terrace is open..

Photo Mathew Donaldson 

Outside on the terrace, facing our garden, The River Cafe is ready for cooler weather—we have glass screens to protect you from the breeze, and heaters to keep you warm. 

Should you want to stay home, we can bring The River Cafe to you.

Our Autumn Box Set features the best of the season, including Scottish girolles with freshly made tagliarelle, roasted pumpkin with oregano and, for dessert, a pear and almond tart with crème fraîche. 

Tagliarelle with GirollesBraised Italian Spinach
Wood-roasted Pumpkin
Borlotti di Lamon
Roast Radicchio di Treviso
Pear and Almond Tart
The River Cafe Look Book - available to pre order now

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