River Cafe Table 4: Josh Berger

Photo Alexandra Mousavizadeh

When Ruthie was asked to debut a live podcast, her first call was to Josh Berger.

In his thirty years at Warner Bros. UK, Josh gave audiences some of Hollywood’s greatest movies – Harry Potter, A Star is Born, and The Hangover and with his role as chairman of the British Film Institute he helped make London a city of movie-goers and moviemakers.

On Broadway he co-produced the Tony Award­–winning musical Ain’t Too Proud: The Life and Times of The Temptations.

He is also a non-executive chair of The BRIT School Trust. 

Ruthie and Josh talking about food in his life with a live audience at the Cannes Lions festival is a great conversation - and a great debut.

Listen wherever you download your podcasts to Episode 42 of River Cafe Table 4. 

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