Rose's Marmalade

Rose's Marmalade
Rose's Marmalade
Rose Gray 28th January 1939 - 28th February 2010
For all of us who knew and worked with Rose Gray, the sentence “What would Rose do?” is often in our thoughts and conversations.
Rose loved marmalade, so this month, as we do every year, we are making her favourite one, Seville Orange.
Rose’s recipe asks us to soak the oranges in water for a few days to soften the peel, and then boil them whole until tender. The high sugar content of the marmalade balances the bitterness of the thinly sliced oranges.  

She liked her marmalade to be thick—mostly fruit in a little jelly, rather than plenty of jelly with a little fruit.
It’s these details we remember when we think about Rose, what she would say, what she would do, what she would cook.
Rose's Seville Marmalade
Food Photography by Matthew Donaldson

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