Rotolo and Repetition

Rotolo and Repetition
Rotolo and Repetition

Drawings Nicholas Blechman
Photographs Matthew Donaldson

Announcing last year Rotolo di Spinaci’s availability from Shop The River Cafe, we asked Nicholas Blechman to draw the steps of the recipe to go with photos by Matthew Donaldson.
Now that Rotolo is on again we can think of nothing more beautiful than showing these images.
Which is your favourite?
The River Cafe’s Rotolo is made with sheep's ricotta, grated nutmeg, parmesan, spinach and dried porcini mushrooms.
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The fresh pasta sheet is rolled in a kitchen towel and tightly tied.

After boiling the Rotolo whole, it is unwrapped. Then we cut it into slices.

We will send the Rotolo to you in our glass dishes with sage butter and parmesan, for you to bake at home.

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