Ruthie's Table 4: Laura Dern

Ruthie's Table 4: Laura Dern
Ruthie's Table 4: Laura Dern

Laura Dern and Ruthie Rogers

Thinking about doing a podcast with Laura Dern, I found myself scrolling through three years of text messages. It’s a story of two friends trying to make plans—to meet, to talk, to take each other to our favourite restaurants.

As usual most of our ideas were aspirational, adapting around our families, movies, cooking and travel. Not enough time in the world

Laura is smart and fun. She loves the people she works with and is a bold spokesperson for women in the film industry.

Laura is passionate about her children, with strong memories of her grandmother and her cooking.

She describes her parents as ‘heroes’.

Today, Laura and I have finally achieved our aspiration: to be in the River Cafe, together. With all the time in the world.

Listen to Ruthie’s Table 4: Laura Dern in partnership with Moncler.

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