Sardinia and Bottarga

Photo Matthew Davidson

We love Bottarga. 

A delicacy from Sardinia, bottarga is the dried, salted and pressed roe from a grey mullet. Its caviar-like flavour is unmistakeable. 

We grate it over pasta, tossed with extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and just a little hot water to create a lustrous emulsion. It's also excellent over vegetables - shaved over a tomato or grated over asparagus with softened butter. 

At the Shop right now, you can order a whole lobe of bottarga, freshly grated bottarga or the seasonal speciality of langoustines with borlotti beans and bottarga. 

Our Sardinian bottarga is available for next day delivery in London, 2 day delivery nationwide. 

We love Bottarga. 
Cuore del Vesuvio Tomatoes with Bottarga 
Langoustines with Borlotti Beans and Sardinian Bottarga
Spaghetti Bottarga
Colourful Tea Towels

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