The Holiday of Chocolate

The Holiday of Chocolate
The Holiday of Chocolate

A piece of advice from us all at The River Cafe.

Always have a piece of chocolate in your house. You never know when you will need some.

The question is, what kind? A simple bar, bitter and dark, a large slab of creamy milk, small squares full of roasted almonds or hazelnuts, a box of puffed rice, a round cake of gianduja or praline. Beautiful eggs for children of all ages. 

We were lucky to discover some years ago the Tuscan chocolatier La Molina who create all of the above.

You choose!
La Molina Little Eggs

La Molina Gianduja Cake

Torta Del Nonno
Easter Gift Boxes
La Molina Chocolate-coated Almonds and Hazelnuts
La Molina Chocolate-coated Puffed Rice
La Molina Love Punch
Yali Espresso Cup and Saucer

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