The River Cafe Look Book is OUT NOW

The River Cafe Look Book is OUT NOW
The River Cafe Look Book is OUT NOW

The River Cafe Look Book is really two books.

A vivid new book of recipes by Ruthie Rogers, Sian Wyn Owen and Joseph Trivelli, which brings the warmth, beauty, and ease of Italian cooking to all levels and ages. With classics such as Cacio e Pepe and Spaghetti Carbonara to Raspberry Sorbet and Pistachio Cake.

It's also a series of striking images by Matthew Donaldson, chosen from his archive. Look at a photograph of a vase of wilting tulips set next to Spaghetti alle Vongole, and you will recognise the shared curves and graceful warp of stalk in the pasta. In another, a straw hat, folded into a box, faces roasted triangles of red and yellow peppers. 

A reminder that cooking is much more than just science, it is an art. 

Chapter openers give steps to help set up your kitchen, with a notes section about ingredients, equipment, and safety.

Every recipe has a tip as if a River Cafe chef was standing next to you, giving advice.

Brightly-coloured pages that glide through the full spectrum of the rainbow will keep even the youngest aspiring cook inspired.

The River Café Look Book demonstrates that food and art are inseparable, simple, and elegant—much like The River Cafe itself.  

Mary McCartney and Judi Dench. October 2022


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