The River Cafe: Table 4 Podcast

The River Cafe: Table 4 Podcast
The River Cafe: Table 4 Podcast

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For more than thirty years, The River Cafe has been the home-from-home for people in London who come not just for the seasonal Italian food, but for the warmth and joy of being in a beautiful space with their family and friends. 
On my new podcast, River Cafe Table 4, I invite friends to read their favourite recipe from one of our cookbooks.
Then we have a conversation about what food means to them— their childhood memories, the recipes of their grandmothers, the meal they cooked on their first dates, the food they have when directing a movie, designing a building, playing football, or a working lunch at The White House. 
We discuss how they discover a new restaurant, the food they seek in countries they travel to, and always, the food they turn to when comfort is needed.
For all of us, food is creative, political, intimate and most of all, an expression of community and love.

On the first episode, my friend Jake Gyllenhaal and I talk about all this and more. I hope you will join us. 

River Cafe Table 4 is available wherever you get your podcasts. New episodes premiere every Tuesday.  

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