Tuscan Dinner Box Set

Tuscan Dinner Box Set
Tuscan Dinner Box Set

Sofia Gargani       Rombolino      Photo Giulio MIchelucci

We think you will like our new Tuscan Dinner Box Set—no scrolling through the shop or planning a menu for dinner.
Your only decision is whether you’d like wild Sea Bass slashed with herbs or Fillet of Beef wrapped in Coppa. Both are easy to cook and we will include the instructions in your box. 

Should you need a little extra advice on how to grill the Sea Bass, listen to River Cafe Table 4, Episode 2, out today.

Victoria Beckham will tell you how she prepares the Sea Bass perfectly and why it is her favourite River Cafe recipe.

She will also talk about the food she ate performing with The Spice Girls, the disciplined diet that gives her health and energy, and the joy of being a sous chef to her husband David.

Download on Apple or wherever you get your podcasts.

Fillet of Beef wrapped in Coppa 
We wrap this fillet of beef with a sprig of rosemary and include the simple instructions for braising in olive oil and Chianti.

Grilled Sea Bass Fillet 
This fillet of wild Sea Bass is caught off the coast of Devon for you to roast or grill.

Italian Purple Fig and Fresh Cannellini salad

Braised Italian Spinach

Tuscan Potato with Zucchini

Wood Roasted Datterini Tomatoes
Sicilian tomatoes with thyme and garlic

Chocolate Hazelnut Espresso Cake 

Pecorino Riserva del Fondatore

Photography by Matthew Donaldson

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