Tuscan Lunch

Tuscan Lunch
Tuscan Lunch

Procacci  Florence  August 2021.     Photo Ruthie Rogers

Ribollita is the traditional soup of Tuscany, celebrating the recently pressed olive oil and just-harvested cavolo nero. 
For this Box Set, we’ve included a special bottle of River Cafe Selvapiana Olive Oil, to drizzle over the Ribollita. There is also a Barolo Salame (from Piedmonte), a generous wedge of Pecorino Riserva, and fresh Grissini made in our pastry kitchen. To finish, beautiful Blood Oranges and a rich Chocolate Hazelnut Espresso Cake.
If you’re working from home, we’ve chosen exactly what you might want on a cold day for a warming lunch or simply, the kind of food to have in the house that doesn't require cooking.

Either way, we think this will remind you how delicious Tuscany in the winter, can be.


Pecorino Riserva
A traditional ewe's milk cheese from Sardinia.

Traditional breadsticks made with semolina flour.
Salame Al Barolo
This small salami is made in Piedmonte with free range pork, nutmeg and Barolo wine.
Olive Oil 50cl Selvapiana 2020
Blood Oranges

Chocolate Hazelnut Espresso Cake
Piedmont hazelnuts, Volcano espresso coffee and 70% Virunga chocolate.
Photography by Matthew Donaldson

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