Trattoria Gianni Franzi, Vernazza, Liguria Photography by Giulio Michelucci
Vernazza has been a home away from home for more than 40 years. It’s where, in Italy, our summers begin and end.
Gianni Franzi's restaurant sits in the town piazza—you’ll recognise it by its clustered rainbow of umbrellas. The restaurant is the perfect place to gather, for lunch or dinner, and enjoy the best of Liguria—fritto misto, salted anchovies with butter (which was a favourite of Rose Gray), whole-roasted locally caught fish, penne with scampi arrabbiata, and, on almost every plate, the brightest, most fragrant pesto, made with basil grown on the surrounding hills.
We’ll be returning next summer, and the next and the next. Thank you, Gianni.
Minestrone Estivo with Pesto 'alla Genovese'
Alberto Basso, salted anchovies with butter
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Penne with slow-cooked tomato and scampi
Zad Rogers with a photograph of Richard Rogers, Renzo Piano and Gianni Franzi, August 2017
Gnocchi di Patate with Pesto 'alla Genovese' 
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Gianni Franzi, Vernazza

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