Winter Box Set

Winter Box Set
Winter Box Set

Schee. Snow           Gerhard Richter  1999

The best menus are not only full of flavour and well seasoned, there's rhyme and reason to them.

In our Winter Box Set, the Stinco di Vitello is slowly cooked in Barolo and sage, and is one of our most rich and indulgent dishes. We often serve this with wood-roasted Delica pumpkin and braised cavolo nero. To begin the meal, we have a light, crisp radicchio and walnut salad.
And instead of a tart or cake for dessert, we end with La Molina's chocolate-covered hazelnuts and almonds.
Rhyme and reason. 

Walnut Salad
Bitter salad leaves — Grumolo, Tardivo, and Radicchio from Treviso—sweetened with wood-roasted fresh walnuts and Robiola di Roccaverano dressing.
Veal Shin in Barolo 
A classic dish from the north of Italy. The whole veal shin is slow-cooked on the bone for several hours with Barolo, garlic and sageRoasted Pumpkin
These wood-roasted Ligurian Delica or Violino pumpkins are a favourite autumn-into-winter vegetable.
Cavolo Nero 
Tuscan black cabbage blanched and braised in extra virgin olive oil with garlic, fennel seeds and chilli flakes.

La Molina Chocolate-Covered Almonds and Hazelnuts

Photography by Matthew Donaldson

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