Apricots, Pannacotta and a Story

Apricots, Pannacotta and a Story
Apricots, Pannacotta and a Story
Harry McKenzie   photo Matthew Donaldson

Harry McKenzie has worked in The River Cafe for six years, having begun his career as a chef at the age of 17. He is the third in our series of kitchen team members to choose a dish available in Shop The River Cafe

"For my newsletter, I’m selecting my favourite dessert from the shop, Pannacotta with Grappa and Apricots.

The smell and taste of apricots transports me back to our family holidays in France with my granny, a fantastic cook who inspired me to become a chef. One of the childhood memories I cherish is watching her make something delicious with apricots—thick jams, lovely cakes, or just poached to have as a simple dessert. 

Working as a chef has enabled me to learn the meaning of hard work and to feel proud of doing something creative. And it has also given me the confidence to paint in my spare time. Cooking and painting go hand in hand in making me want to be better at the other.”

Pannacotta with Grappa and Apricots
We cook the pannacotta with lemon zest, vanilla and a generous measure of grappa, and roast the apricots with vanilla and more grappa.

Crab Apples and Damsons   Harry McKenzie   2021

Photography by Matthew Donaldson

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