Ruth Rogers.  Photo Sian Wyn Owen

Clams from the lagoon, black cuttlefish risotto, white polenta with thin slices of calves liver— these are the dishes most associated with Venice.

But from the Rialto to barges on the small canals, markets and shops overflow with vegetables and seasonal produce - trevise and cicoria in winter, asparagus and peas, in the spring.

Now, in the final days of summer, there are beetroots, yellow peppers, aubergines, tomatoes. 

The chefs in Shop The River Cafe are preparing and cooking them for you.  

As they do in Venice, the most magical city in the world.

Wood-roasted Beetroots

Wood-roasted Pale Aubergine

Wood-roasted San Marzano Tomatoes

Roasted Yellow Peppers with Oregano

Italian Spinach
Ruby and Mei Rogers, Venice 2014

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