Bright Friday Weekend

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    From Friday 24th to Sunday 26th November, we are offering you a 10% discount on everything (apart from our Holiday Gift Boxes) in-store and online. Just enter BRIGHT10 at checkout.
    You can also join us at our shop just a few steps from the River Cafe where we will have additional in-store discounts, will be serving Spiced Negroni and Biscotti, and all your purchases will be gift-wrapped by our team.

    174 products
    'Friends of the River Cafe' - Case of Wine, 12 bottles
    'River Cafe Classics’ Case of Wine, 12 bottles
    00' Flour
    Sold Out
    10 Ingredients Cook Book
    Alexandra von Furstenberg Coasters
    Alexandra von Furstenberg Small Tray
    Amaro Nonino Quintessentia
    Amatriciana Sauce
    Anise & Lemon Biscotti
    Arance Amare
    Baci di Dama
    Balsamico Tradizionale
    Barolo, Massolino 2019
    Beechwood Carving Board
    Sold Out
    Bepi Tosolini Saliza Amaretto
    Billecart-Salmon Blanc de Blancs
    Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé NV
    Blanched Almonds
    Block Picture Frame
    British Oxfordshire Honey
    Carlo Moretti Glass Bowls
    Carlo Moretti Venetian Diversi Glasses
    Carlo Moretti Venetian Highball Bora Glasses
    Carmignano, Capezzana 2019
    Caviar Box Set
    from $77.77
    Celebration Chocolate Nemesis
    from $84.25
    Champagne and Chocolate Nemesis Gift
    Champagne Blanc des Millénaires, Charles Heidsieck 2007
    Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve NV
    Chianti Classico, Fontodi 2020
    Chiarastella Linen Cocktail Napkin (x6)
    Chickpea Flour for Farinata
    Children's Opinel Kitchen Set
    Chocolate Hazelnut Espresso Cake
    from $45.37
    Chocolate Nemesis
    from $45.37
    Chocolate Walnut & Amaretto Cake
    from $51.85
    Cookbook and Tote
    Cookbook Gift Set