Lunch in Spring

Lunch in Spring
Lunch in Spring

There’s something nice about a lunch you don’t have to cook.

Especially in spring and summer. You just have to set it out, no oven or stovetop necessary.

The centrepiece of this menu is our Vitello Tonnato, the classic Piedmontese dish of thinly sliced, chilled veal, topped with a sauce of the best tinned tuna from Spain, olive oil, egg yolks, capers and anchovies.

We pair it with our freshly-baked focaccia and three sides—artichokes alla Romana, braised cannellini beans and fresh mozzarella di bufala with agretti, a salty, seaside green from the Mediterranean.

For dessert, a Sicilian blood orange cake. Just slice and serve.

Easy as that, just like the entire meal. 
Vitello Tonnato
Vitello Tonnato is a classic dish of Piedmont and Lombardy, composed of sliced roast Veal rump, light tuna mayonnaise, and topped with anchovies, capers and herbs.
Agretti with Slow-cooked Tomato and Mozzarella
Barba di Frate has a mineral, earthy flavour - perfectly contrasting the creamy mozzarella di Bufala, the sweetness of the slow-cooked tomato sauce and the crunchiness of the pangrattato.
Artichokes alla Romana
Roasted in the Roman style with mint, parsley and white wine.
Cannellini Beans
Cooked with sage and our River Cafe Cappezzana olive oil and are perfect warm or cold.
Blood Orange Cake
A moist, dairy-free cake showcasing Sicilian Blood Oranges, which we consider the best of all citrus fruits. 

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