Thanksgiving 2021

Thanksgiving 2021
Thanksgiving 2021

Roo Rogers Alan Yentob Wes Anderson Thanksgiving  2016.  Photo Philippa Walker

Three weeks from today—on November 25th—is Thanksgiving, the American holiday defined by friends and family gathering together around the table with exuberant quantities of food.

Shopping, preparing and cooking takes an immeasurable amount of time, but Shop The River Cafe is here to do all this for you. 

Our menu is an Italian version of this most traditional of meals. There is, of course, turkey and stuffing, but prepared in the River Cafe way. The free-range bird is brined for 24 hours and then filled with the myrtle, bay and sage from our garden. 

The stuffing is a friend's recipe from Tuscany, rich with fennel, chestnuts and pancetta. 

You might like to begin your dinner with Scottish langoustines which we will split and season with oregano and chilli, ready for you to roast; a chestnut pumpkin soup; or a plate of delicate semolina gnocchi ‘alla Romana’ with parmesan and butter.

From the pastry kitchen a traditional Pecan Pie with maple syrup and rum,  a dark Amedei chocolate cake or one or more of our ice creams and sorbets.

Let us do the work so you may celebrate this Thanksgiving feeling rested, relaxed, exuberant  - and thankful.

Split Scottish Langoustines with chilli and wild oregano

Culatello di Zibello
With two crostini  - chicken livers with Vecchia Romagna and Lardo di Greve with white truffle.

Insalata Invernale 
Winter leaf salad with fresh walnuts, herb vinegar and Robiola di Roccaverano.

Pumpkin, Chestnut and Farro Soup
The chestnuts are wood-roasted and peeled then simmered together with Violino pumpkin, onion, bay and chilli in chicken stock.

Gnocchi alla Romana
Semolina gnocchi with nutmeg and Parmesan.
Tacchino Arrosto
Kelly Bronze free range Turkey, brined and stuffed with River Cafe garden myrtle, bay and sage

Tuscan bread stuffing with fennel, chestnuts and pancetta.

Cavolo Nero 
Braised with River Cafe extra virgin olive oil.

Patate Dolci
Wood-roasted sweet potatoes with marjoram and chilli.

Pressed Chocolate Cake
A flourless, rich, dark chocolate cake.
Pecan Pie 
Our River Cafe short pastry base filled with maple syrup, rum and layers of whole pecans.

We have selected a celebratory Thanksgiving menu for you to choose your favourite dishes from. 

Available for delivery to:
Greater London addresses on Tuesday 23rd & Wednesday 24th November 
Other UK addresses on Wednesday 24th November only 
Deliveries can arrive up until 8pm, so please book your order for a day ahead.

Please note: We have a limited number of turkeys available this year. They will be available for pre-order while stocks last.
The last date to order turkeys is Monday 15th November.

Photography by Matthew Donaldson

Visit Shop The River Cafe to place your order and receive 15% off your first purchase with the code 'WELCOME15'.

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