Agathe Ratibor May 2020     Photo Kadee Robbins 

Pasta can be what you want it to be; comforting, salty, sophisticated, delicate, seasonal.
These are five pastas we are cooking in The River Cafe, and for you to have at home.
The sauce, pasta, olive oil, butter, parmesan, a stainless steel saucepan for boiling the water and even a beautiful white plate for serving the pasta, are all available at 
Shop the River Cafe.
Choose what you like, the pasta can be what you want it to be.

Spaghetti Bottarga

Crab Linguine

Casarecce with Veal

 Slow-cooked Tomato Taglierini

Tagliatelle with Girolles

Photo James Fox 2004 

This was taken 17 years ago. The child in the photo, Jimmy Fox, was age four. Now he works in The River Cafe.

Pasta photography by Matthew Donaldson

Visit Shop The River Cafe to place your order.

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